Welcome to the LEAN Life with Keri!

Watch the short welcome video above, then follow the steps below 🙂

Getting Started:

  • Add yourself to closed Facebook group. I will be posting daily-ish on Facebook and will be available to answer your questions Monday through Friday. This is your accountability. This is where you can post progress pics, questions about where to begin or why you're stuck, exercise issues etc.. - this is where you get my feedback. Use it!
  • ALLLLL of the coaching will take place via the closed Facebook page, but if you have any issues that you don't feel comfortable sharing with the group, please email me at info@kerimantie.com.
  • You can also add yourself to the member's text list by texting "hi" to 617-652-5696.
  • The link to our private zoom room for live workouts is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2372772155 I will update the weekly schedule on Sundays on FB and via text.
  • Be sure to log in to FB regularly to ask questions and get guidance on your nutrition and exercise. This is what makes this program so valuable, the feedback and accountability you will get not only from me, but from each other! Please do not hesitate to post your struggles, questions, recipes etc 🙂
  • If you click on the "Program Overview" Kettlebell icon to the left, that will bring you to a page where you'll find monthly programming, archived workouts, and more. If you click on the "Monthly Programming" that will bring you to this month's workouts and more.
  • Take your time going through the videos - but be sure to watch them as they will definitely give you some action steps on where to start regardless of what your goals are 🙂
  • Remember to schedule your discovery call to map out your plan based on your goals (this does not apply to the free trial offer).

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